Oleksandra Shevchenko Art

We are pleased to offer a selection of work from the talented and versatile artist Oleksandra Shevchenko, who comes from the city of Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine. She left Ukraine in April, leaving her job as an artist and graphic designer.

I graduated from the National University in Ukraine gaining a Master’s Degree in Fine Art & Graphic Design.

I have exhibited in Ukraine, England and the UAE and my art sold to private Collectors in Ukraine, France, Portugal, the UAE, USA, UK and the Netherlands.

I won the 2022 Jubilee Art Competition with my portrait of Her Majesty the Queen, made using Coffee as a medium.

Recently, I had a very successful exhibition in Lavenham Hall Gallery where I was fortunate to sell many paintings and part of the proceeds were transferred to Ukrainian Charity. Because of the War in Ukraine, I had to move to the UK and it is really important for me that my art helps, not only me and my family, but other people too.

Nature has always been my inspiration for the art I create. I liked to paint flowers and landscapes with oil when I lived in Ukraine; now emotions and energy also play a major part in my mixed media paintings.

Apart from mixed media, I use Coffee to draw my portraits and, whether it is people or animals, I endeavour to show their unique personalities. Spontaneous drops can make every painting unique! 

Animals are my passion and here in England, I have been fortunate to meet many owners of rescued pets, which to me shows how kind people can be. 

I have a number of paintings “in progress” which can be viewed on Instagram: @aleksandra.artist